Open Call

I’m looking for voluntary submissions from artists working within any discipline for a book I’d like to then edit.

I’ve been grappling for the longest time with experiences of sexist, racist and sexual violence and I while I am actively engaging with healing, moving on is a long journey. And so, a book – to document and to shift.

The content can be anything you want to get up and out into the world so that its no longer with you and you don’t have to carry it. Anything you’d like to charge up and expel. Or put into a collective body-document so that you don’t feel that whatever it is, is yours to carry alone. The content can be any format so long as it can be captured on the page – poems, one liners, fiction, non-fiction, lists, comics, illustrations, scripts, excerpts, photographs, video stills…anything. It will be black and white to keep costs down. I’ll sell the book with all profits going to a charity that helps and supports women who have experienced sexual violence.

Some broad outlines or starting points:

Decolonisation of body, of territory


A body made public (through performance)

A body made private







‘Soft’ forms of resistance

‘Hard’ forms of resistance





To register your interest please email me at

I’ll then get back to you with more details and timelines etc.

Also, if you’d like to help in other ways, i.e. proof reading, printing and distribution, please do get in touch.

Are you in? I hope so!

Alexandrina x