Bounty Bars and Oreo Cookies

Alexandrina Hemsley and artist Katarazyna Perlak spent Autumn 2015 researching ways to present Alexandrina’s body within a landscape.  Drawing on Alexandrina’s own experiences and upon afro-futurism as a way to frame a sense of otherness, the series of images gesture towards reframing territories and a sense of displacing time and geography. They speak to a fluid and travelling experience of identity – unstable and non-linear in its construct and embodiment.

Bounty Bars and Oreo Cookies consists of six digital prints and one piece made from copper vinyl. The photographs and/or copper vinyl can be exhibited separately or together.



Bounty Bars and Oreo Cookies was originally presented at Lower Café Gallery, Rich Mix, 4th-20th February 2016. The project was made possible with support using public funding by Arts Council England with additional support by Rich Mix and the Live Art Development Agency.