Project O

Image by Katarzyna Perlak and Jack Barraclough

O (2013)

A Contemporary Struggle (2013)

Benz Punany (2014)

SWAGGA (2015)

Native Instinct : Psychic Labours (2016)

Voodoo (2017)

Saved (2018)

Project O

A collaboration between Alexandrina Hemsley and Jamila Johnson-Small.

“…a sharply feminist production”
– Judith Mackrell
“This is what an intersectional arse-kicking feels like: painful, defiant and right.” *****  
– The Stage
“I watched as they straddled the line between empowerment and objectification, between being themselves and what they were expected to be[…] You should go and see it because it is important”
– Es Morgan
“It was angry, and aggressive, but in this really kinda calm way that made you think they might just snap any minute and smash the place up. Powerful, fit, gorgeous, strong, angry naked women. Fucking badass. The treatment of the female body, the treatment of the black female body, the sexual objectification of women. O pulls at those threads until we feel, collectively, a bit dirty.”
-Meghan Vaughn
“The ghosts of past persecutions, present realities, and future possibilities are embodied in these two figures who are both themselves and all of us, simultaneously.”
Total Theatre

Project O credits:

Project O are Sadlers Wells New Wave Associate Artist, associate artists at Dance Research Studio and residents renting a studio at Somerset House Studios as part of their residency programme, with support in the form of a bursary from MgC Futures.