The Words of a Few Men

[In order of appearance from age 8 onwards]

Your skin is the colour of shit

A science teacher: Let’s put a bit of your hair in the bunsen burner to see if it burns differently.

[It burns differently]

Your hair is like pubes

I want to take you outside and rape you. I would. Come outside. I would take you outside and rape you.

Guy comes back from making out with my sister: Oh don’t worry, I like you too

Are you upset because I called you a black bitch?

Do you want to be a slave all your life?

Can you not pirouette because your hair is heavy?

Sexy underwear isn’t you

There is only room for one messed up person in this relationship and that’s me. We’ll have to solve your issues out in 45 minutes.

But we never argue and you have difficulty orgasming [my personal favourite!! i can orgasm fine]

All I see is thighs!!

On seeing a self harm scar: Oh you have done it wrong

On taking a someone to a surprise meal: Your breasts are hanging out

A person in July: I don’t enjoy kissing you with my beard

Me: Why don’t you get rid of your beard?

Them: I want my beard until Christmas

[My aim with this piece is not to replicate the shaming that i was subjected to, from being on the receiving end of these words. It was shaming and awful but i have no interest in continuing that behaviour. Instead, i want to ask myself, what on earth was i doing there? How do i ensure the chance of me being in these situations again reduces dramatically?]

Written in 2015 and then buried for a bit.